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December 9, 2022

Join the Bag Full of Bikini Contest for a chance to WIN a lux leather bag full of sexy #wickedweasel Bikinis, all worth over $1000 USD!

Send your entries every day via go.wickedweasel.com/youtube-win-bag-full-of-bikinis and share it with your friends. 💖

Aside from the grand prize, we're also giving away 12 gift certificates worth up to $100 USD, which you can spend on hot bikinis, lingerie, outerwear, and activewear on wickedweasel.com.

Again, all you have to do is join go.wickedweasel.com/youtube-win-bag-full-of-bikinis

Don't miss out on this amazing giveaway and make sure to let your friends know! Best of luck!

#shorts #wickedweasel #wwbagfullofbikiniscontest #bikinis #free

#shorts #wickedweasel #wwbagfullofbikiniscontest #bikinis #free