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June 3, 2022

It’s officially Summer here at Wicked Weasel! So why don’t you join in this fun and sexy bikini try on haul with Phoebe and Mel? You can cop their hot summer looks and also get your FREE Bikini Rings go.wickedweasel.com/ig-live

Wicked Weasel gives you the TINIEST bikinis ever! Take them everywhere you go, never leave home without them, and turn heads wherever you go. :)

And the best part? You can get your Bi-Key-Ni Rings for FREE!

First 1,000 orders over USD$159 will get the first set (includes 2 styles!) of the Limited Edition Bikini Rings - absolutely FREE.

PLUS - First 700 orders will ALSO get the Exclusive Wicked Weasel Embossed Key Rings Storage Box FREE!

What are you waiting for? Start this extra special bikini collection now. Get your Limited Edition Bi-Key-Ni Rings go.wickedweasel.com/ig-live

But we’re not stopping there. We’re also launching the newest SUMMER Bikini: The Electric Skies!

Watch this sexy bikini try on haul video and check out Mel as she wears the hot pieces from this new bikini collection. Tri top or Crop Top, Cheeky or Thong - all styles are guaranteed to look perfect on you!

And as you can see on Mel, this mesh printed bikini is so hard to ignore. :) So whether you’re at the pool, by the beach or out partying on a yacht this summer - all eyes will be on you!

Get your Electric Skies Bikini go.wickedweasel.com/ig-live

Tag your special someone in this video to show them what they should be getting you this summer! :)

How do you like the newest sexy duo, Phoebe and Mel? Let know in the comments below.

You can follow these gals on Instagram @cara.mel95 @phebalus

#wickedweasel #tryonhaul #bikinis #accessories #fashionhaul #summerpromo #freebies #live

#wickedweasel #tryonhaul #bikinis #accessories #fashionhaul #summerpromo #freebies #live