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image  1 My go to spots in Paris for food in no particular order and what I usually order
February 4, 2023

My go to spots in Paris for food in no particular order and what I usually order: 1. Le meurice- if you’re not staying here you have to atleast visit here for breakfast. The decor and experience is insane. I usually order the healthy breakfast as it comes with acai bowl and fruit but also you need to try their Pain Perdu (French toast) along with their bread basket 🤤.2. Hotel Costes- cheesecake is the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. I dream about this cheesecake because it’s so good. Also their salmon blini is my go to. They also have a great vegan curry. 3. Cafe kitsune- matcha latte with oat milk 4. L’avenue - Tom yam Chilean sea bass with rice and skinny fries. 5. Cedric grolet at Le meurice - hazelnut cookie 6. Sanukiya- Bento lunch box with egg and fried chicken and tempura udon 7. Lac Hong- pho and Vietnamese crepe (the owner is like my Parisian mom. She waits for me every fashion season and has the biggest heart and such a warm presence. Always makes me feel at home)8. Gigis - truffle pasta, truffled Arancini, lemon meringue I’m sure there are a lot more places but those are my usuals when I go to Paris. Can you guys list your favorites places to go?
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