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June 5, 2022

Join Wicked Weasel’s 7 Hot Nights of Lingerie Contest and you can win $1000 USD worth of Wicked Weasel Lingerie! Last chance to join go.wickedweasel.com/7-hot-nights-yt

Imagine wearing sexy Wicked Weasel Lingerie… for each hot night of your week!

And with Wicked Weasel’s Sassy, Flirty, Saucy, Racy, & Naughty styles, you get to choose your own kind of sexy. :)

The Grand Prize Winner will get $1000 worth of Wicked Weasel lingerie AND a luxurious Wicked Weasel box where you can keep all your beautiful lingerie. Join go.wickedweasel.com/7-hot-nights-yt

PLUS - there are also more prizes to be won! We’re giving away $25, $50, and $100 Gift Certificates that you can spend on hot bikinis, lingerie, outerwear, and activewear on Wicked Weasel.

Be one of the 13 winners of Wicked Weasel’s 7 Hot Nights of Lingerie Contest!

Simply go here for your chance to win: go.wickedweasel.com/7-hot-nights-yt

Tag your special someone in the comments below to let them know of this amazing opportunity! :)


*Official Rules are here (click on OFFICIAL RULES): go.wickedweasel.com/7-hot-nights-yt

Entries that do not comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines will be disqualified: youtube.com/t/community_guidelines

This contest is not sponsored by YouTube.

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